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Our Services

We do interior designing, interior decoration, interior renovation, space planning, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, furniture manufacturing & miscellaneous work for the residential house, retail store, corporate office, commercial work space, institutional house.

We seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result, have helped shape in a house of residential buildings or commercial buildings.

Structural Designing, Interior Designing, Floor Plan, Working Layout, 3D ( architecture, interior, furniture ), Concrete/Steel, Reinforcement Design, Service Designing ( plumbing, sanitation, electrical, power backup, security system, audio-video & hvac ), Front elevation, Landscaping, Waterfall, Boq.


Manage residential & commercial architecture designing, decoration, renovation projects in delhi-ncr, gurgaon, noida & india & provide best solution meditate client's customization requirements & interests.

Home Interior, House Interior, Flat Interior, Apartment Interior, Villa Interior, Kothi Interior, Bungalow Interior, Farm House Interior, Resorts Interior, Party Hall Interior, Home Theatre Interior, Bedroom Interior, Living-Room Interior, Drawing-Room Interior, Study-Room Interior, Mandir-Room Interior, Dinning-Room Interior, Kids-Room Interior, Children-Room Interior, Guest-Room Interior, Kitchen Interior, Bathroom Interior, Indoor-Outdoor Waterfall Planning, Residential Landscaping, Classic Interior, Modern Interior, Contemporary Interior, Country Interior, French style Interior, Italian Interior, Indian Style Interior, Vaastu Based Interior, Kitchen-Bathroom Remodeling.

Residential Interior

Manage residential interior designing, interior decoration, interior renovation projects in delhi-ncr, gurgaon, noida & india & provide best residential interior solution meditate client's customization requirements & interests.

Office Interior, Corporate Interior, Industrial Interior, Warehouse Interior, Cabin Interior, Reception Interior, Chamber Interior, Shop Interior, Showroom Interior, Mall Interior, Store Interior, Outlet Interior, Kiosk Interior, Retail Interior, Restaurant Interior, Cafe Interior, Bar Interior, Disc Interior, Pub Interior, Salon Interior, Beauty Parlour Interior, Spa Interior, Play School Interior, Play Zone Interior, Gym Interior, Hotel-Room Interior, Banquet-Hall Interior, Cinema-Hall Interior, Banks Interior, Hospitality Interior, Clinic Interior, Lab Interior, Studio Interior, Kitchen-Bathroom Remodeling.

Commercial Interior

Manage commercial interior designing, interior decoration, interior renovation projects in delhi-ncr, gurgaon, noida & india & provide best commercial interior solution meditate client's customization requirements & interests.

civil work-masonry & plastering (brick, aerosol), rcc works, scree ding, flooring/cladding (granite/marble/all kinds of tiles), fabrication work-ms structures, roofing, ms grills & railings etc, stainless steel work-rolling shutters, aluminium work, joinery work-partitions (wood / gypsum), panelling, doors, custom made furniture, storages & cabinets, false ceiling-modular grid ceiling, gypsum board ceiling, pop decorative false ceiling, metal ceiling, wooden/glazed ceiling, modular furniture-modular work stations, modular partitions, knock down furniture, modular storage units, seating system-all kind of chairs, sofas & other lounge seating systems, cafe chairs, soft furnishing-curtains & blinds, soft panelling, wall papers, flooring-false flooring, carpets, wooden flooring, granite/marble/tiles, vinyl flooring, epoxy flooring, plumbing & sanitation work-fresh water & sanitary line, sanitary fixtures & accessories, paint & polish work-painting/wall art, polishing/melamine/pu/polyester, deco finishing/texture finishing, electrical work-electrical fittings & fixtures, internal electrification (lighting/power outlets/dbs & internal panels/earthling system/ups Systems), electrical electrification: (ht sub-station/main lt panels/earthling system /dg/eb/ceig clearances), glass work-toughened, lacquer, designer, hvac work-comfort air-conditioning (split/ductable/chiller plant/vam), precision air-conditioning, office ventilation, ambulatory, toilet block ventilation, data & voice networking-structured cabling using cat-6 and Ecat-5 solutions, design of data centres, server rooms and telecommunication closets, rack requirements, telecommunication equipment's, wireless network, fire alarm & fighting: fa systems (conventional or analogue addressable), fire extinguishers, sprinkler and hydrant systems, fm-200 & emerges based fire suppression systems, access control: biometric or proximity, id cards, cctv & alarm system-internal and external cctv, intrusion alarm system, landscaping-hands aping, plants aping, water features, film/vinyl-stickers, signage, glass block walls, insulations, artefacts, plants & curios.

Turnkey Interior

Provide best turnkey interior solution in delhi-ncr, gurgaon, noida & india the term implies that the end user just has to turn a key and start using the services that is designed, supplied, built, or installed fully complete & ready to operate.

Interior Design Process

Interior Design

Interior design science of the increase the excellency, comfortable, luxuries of the environment in a house of buildings, re arrange or modifying of interior in a house of a buildings with carry of architecture & interior theory & provide best space or beauty in a house of a (residential, retail, commercial, corporate, institution) building, its base of interior (designs thoughts, ideas & requirement, specific likes & dislikes).

Build Factors

Civil: Masonry & Plastering (Brick, Aerosol), RCC Works, Scree ding, Flooring/Cladding (Granite/Marble/All kinds of tiles).

Fabrication: MS structures, Roofing, MS/Stainless steel/Aluminium, Grills & Railings, Rolling shutters.

Joinery: Partitions (Wood / Gypsum), Panelling, Doors, Custom made furniture, Storages & Cabinets.

False Ceiling: Modular grid ceiling, Gypsum board ceiling, POP decorative false ceiling, Metal ceiling, Wooden/Glazed ceiling.

Modular Furniture: Modular work stations, Modular Partitions, Knock down furniture, Modular storage units.

Seating System: All kind of chairs, Sofas & Other lounge seating systems, Cafe chairs.

Soft Furnishing: Curtains & Blinds, Soft panelling, Wall papers.

Flooring: False flooring, Carpets, Wooden flooring, Granite/Marble/Tiles, Vinyl flooring, Epoxy flooring.

Plumbing & Sanitary: Fresh water & sanitary line, sanitary fixtures & accessories.

Painting/Polishing: Painting/Wall art, Polishing/Melamine/Pu/Polyester, Deco finishing/Texture finishing.

Electrical: Electrical fittings & fixtures, Internal electrification (Lighting/Power outlets/DBs & Internal Panels/Earthling System/UPS Systems), External electrification (HT Sub-station/Main LT Panels/Earthling System /DG/EB / CEIG Clearances).

Glass: Toughened, Lacquer, Antilo, Designer.

Hvac: Comfort Air-conditioning (Split/Duct able/Chiller plant/VAM), Precision Air-conditioning, Office ventilation, Ambulatory, Toilet Block ventilation.

Data & Voice Networking: Structured cabling using Cat-6 and ECat-5 solutions, Design of Data Centres, Server Rooms & Telecommunication closets, Rack requirements, Telecommunication equipment's, Wireless network, Hd cabling.

Fire Alarm & Fighting: FA Systems (conventional or analogue addressable), Fire extinguishers, Sprinkler and hydrant systems, FM-200 & Emerges based fire suppression systems.

Access Control: Access control (Biometric or Proximity), ID Cards.

Cctv & Alarm system: Internal & external cctv, Intrusion alarm system.

Waterfall: Indoor/Outdoor, Water features.

Landscaping: Hands aping, Plants aping.

Miscellaneous: Film/Vinyl stickers, Signage, Glass block walls, Insulations, Artefacts, Plants & Curios.


Initially we will listen to your thoughts, ideas and requirement.

Offer you advice and clarity on how best to achieve the right results.

Understand your desires & budget therefore we create a meaningful designing or factual.

Convert thinks or idea into real.

Kirti Nagar

A1-49/57, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, New Delhi-110015.

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Plot No-18, Main Dabri Dwarka Road, New Delhi-110045.

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