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  • Architecture

    Science of the design of structures or buildings or the discipline dealing with the principles of design and construction & ornamentation of fine buildings, architecture & eloquence are mixed arts whose end is sometimes beauty and sometimes use arch a masonry construction usually curved for spanning an opening the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings, the style of a building with regard to a specific period, place or culture, an architectural product or work building, edifice a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place.

    Documenetation - Prepared architecture design documents during the documentation phase, construction drawings, blueprints & present layouts, etc.

    Factors - Pillar, column, conge, congee, molding, corbel, truss, drip mould, drip, projection, entablature, foliage, foliation, pier, columniation, tensile, structural, sculpture, fenestration, cantilever, terrace, step, rail, air-cool, air-condition, ramp, rafter, gate, sanitate, hip, landscape etc.

  • Interior

    Science of the increase the excellency of the environment in a house of buildings, re arrange or modifying of interior in a house of a buildings with carry of architecture method & provide best space or beauty in a house of a (residential-commercial) building, its base of interior designs thoughts, ideas & requirement, specific likes & dislikes.

    Documenetation - Prepared interior design documents during the documentation phase, floor plan & layouts, etc.

    Factors - Civil, fall ceiling, plumbing & sanitation, waterproofing, soundproofing, flooring, wooden, paint-polish, electrical, hvac, data voice networking, fire alarm & fighting, cctv & alarm system, gold or silver leafing, mop, furnishings, furniture, lighting, carpeting, kiosk, painting, handcraft, wallpaper or wallart, waterfall etc.

  • Turnkey

    Design factors - Architects design documenets, interior designers design documenets, all over team worker or man power resources, products or materials purchasing, budget control, risk managment etc.

    Execution factors - Ability of monitoring projects, once all the elements design, makes finalised & agreed, full project management is available under one-roof & overseeing of projects or manage every important stage of the initial concept to the opening ceremony when the project complete & also responsible for best quality materials, beauty & purpose, vision & result, art & technology, form & function.

    Work factors - Civil: Masonry & Plastering (Brick, Aerosol), RCC Works, Scree ding, Flooring/Cladding (Granite/Marble/All kinds of tiles).
    Fabrication: MS structures, Roofing, MS/Stainless steel/Aluminium, Grills & Railings, Rolling shutters.
    Joinery: Partitions (Wood / Gypsum), Panelling, Doors, Custom made furniture, Storages & Cabinets.
    False Ceiling: Modular grid ceiling, Gypsum board ceiling, POP decorative false ceiling, Metal ceiling, Wooden/Glazed ceiling.
    Modular Furniture: Modular work stations, Modular Partitions, Knock down furniture, Modular storage units.
    Seating System: All kind of chairs, Sofas & Other lounge seating systems, Cafe chairs.
    Soft Furnishing: Curtains & Blinds, Soft panelling, Wall papers.
    Flooring: False flooring, Carpets, Wooden flooring, Granite/Marble/Tiles, Vinyl flooring, Epoxy flooring.
    Plumbing & Sanitary: Fresh water & sanitary line, sanitary fixtures & accessories.
    Painting/Polishing: Painting/Wall art, Polishing/Melamine/Pu/Polyester, Deco finishing/Texture finishing.
    Electrical: Electrical fittings & fixtures, Internal electrification (Lighting/Power outlets/DBs & Internal Panels/Earthling System/UPS Systems), External electrification (HT Sub-station/Main LT Panels/Earthling System /DG/EB / CEIG Clearances).
    Glass: Toughened, Lacquer, Antilo, Designer.
    Hvac: Comfort Air-conditioning (Split/Duct able/Chiller plant/VAM), Precision Air-conditioning, Office ventilation, Ambulatory, Toilet Block ventilation.
    Data & Voice Networking: Structured cabling using Cat-6 and ECat-5 solutions, Design of Data Centres, Server Rooms & Telecommunication closets, Rack requirements, Telecommunication equipment's, Wireless network, Hd cabling.
    Fire Alarm & Fighting: FA Systems (conventional or analogue addressable), Fire extinguishers, Sprinkler and hydrant systems, FM-200 & Emerges based fire suppression systems.
    Access Control: Access control (Biometric or Proximity), ID Cards.
    Cctv & Alarm system: Internal & external cctv, Intrusion alarm system.
    Waterfall: Indoor/Outdoor, Water features.
    Landscaping: Hands aping, Plants aping.
    Miscellaneous: Film/Vinyl stickers, Signage, Glass block walls, Insulations, Artefacts, Plants & Curios.

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