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Architecture & Interior Design

Creative & Practical

Interior Architect, Interior Designer, Decorator & Contractor Services In Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon, Noida & Manage Residential-Commercial Interior Designing, Decoration, Renovation Projects In Delhi-NCR.

Design, Decorate & Renovate

We seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result, have helped shape in a house of residential buildings or commercial buildings.

Interior Design Planning, Floor Plan, Layout, Residential Interior Design Planning, Residential Floor Plan, Residential Layout, Commercial Interior Design Planning, Commercial Floor Plan, Commercial Layout

Design Role !

As a interior achitect or interior designer are not just involved in the architecture or interior design, are also responsible for public safety, best quality materials, beauty & purpose, vision & result, art & technology, form & function & also overseeing of projects & manage every important stage of the architecture-interior work in a house of a residential-commercial building from the initial concept to the opening ceremony when the project is complete.

Documenetation Role !

As a interior achitect or interior designer involved in planning, designing, decoration & manage or prepared architecture or interior design documents during the documentation phase, the responsibilities are to capture the design on paper, producing detailed drawings & using technology such as autocad, sketchup, revit, rhino & 3d max to test the feasibility of the design.

Execution Role !

As a interior achitect or interior designer translate the design into instructions & technical specifications for architecture or interior contractors or architecture or interior work experts & also we'll be involved in site visits, supervision, meetings for overseeing the architecture-interior work & signing off on various pieces of work, negotiating with work contractors & dealing with & resolving any problems that arise.







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Residential Interior


Commercial Interior


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Architecture Design

Creative & Practical Architecture Designing & Remodeling Services For Home Architectural, House Architectural, Apartment Architectural, Villa Architectural, Kothi Architectural, Bungalow Architectural, Farm House Architectural, Penthouse Architectural & Commercial Building's Architectural, Educational Building's Architectural, Institutional Building's Architectural.

Residential Or Commercial Building Architectural Designing By Architects & Decorate & Renovate By Building Renovation Contractors.

Architecture Design, Architecture Decoration Ideas, Architecture Photo, Architecture 3D View, Architecture Before & After Images, Architecture color schemes.

Residential Interior Design

Luxury Residential Interior Designing, Decoration, Renovation Services For Home Interior, House Interior, Flat Interior, Apartment Interior, Villa Interior, Kothi Interior, Bungalow Interior, Farm House Interior, Penthouse Interior, Bedroom Interior, Living-Room Interior, Drawing-Room Interior, Study-Room Interior, Puja Room Interior, Dinning-Room Interior, Kids-Room Interior, Guest-Room Interior, Children Room Interior.

Residential Interior Designing By Residential Interior Designers.

Residential Interior Design, Residential Interior Decoration Ideas, Residential Interior Photo, Residential Interior 3D View, Residential Interior Before & After Images, Residential Interior color schemes.

Commercial Interior Design

Luxury Commercial Interior Designing, Decoration, Renovation Services For Office Interior, Shop Interior, Showroom Interior, Restaurant Interior, Cafe Interior, Bar Interior, Disc Interior, Pub Interior, Salon Interior, Beauty Parlour Interior, Spa Interior, Play School Interior, Gym Interior, Hotel-Room Interior, Banquet-Hall Interior, Cinema-Hall Interior, Banks Interior, Hospital Interior, Clinic Interior, Lab Interior, Studio Interior.

Commercial Interior Designing By Commercial Interior Designers.

Commercial Interior Design, Commercial Interior Decoration Ideas, Commercial Interior Photo, Commercial Interior 3D View, Commercial Interior Before & After Images, Commercial Interior color schemes.

Interior Analysis Or Execute

Focus On Ethical & Transparent Business Transactions & Also Ensure Stipulated Time Frame At Market Leading Price For All Type Of Works Like Civil Work, Fall Ceiling Work, Plumbing & Sanitation Work, Flooring Work, Wooden Work, Paint-Polish Work, Electrical Work, Hvac Work, Data Voice Networking Work, Fire Alarm & Fighting Work, Cctv & Alarm System Work, Gold Or Silver Leafing Work, Mop Work, Furniture Work, Ms Tensile Work, Pvc or Acp Structural Work, Sculpture Work, Kiosk Work, Painting Work, Handcraft Work, Wallpaper Or Wallart Work, Indoor-Ourddor Waterfall Work.

Residential Or Commercial Interior Decorate, Renovate By Interior Decorators Or Interior Renovation Contractors.

Interior Decorators In Delhi-Ncr, Gurgaon & Noida.

Design & Build

Turnkey Interior Design
  • Interior Designing

    Creative Design

    Create maximum visual effect to use minimum cost.

  • Products Or Material Purchasing

    Best Quality Materials

    Design convert into the shape in a house of buildings.

  • On Site Supervision

    Professional Supervision

    Take care of each activity & sure without leaving the corners.

  • Ability Of Monitoring Projects

    Time & Budget Control

    Transparent business transactions under budget.

  • Projects On Time, Before Deadlines

    Hand Over

    The user just start using the product or services.

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4 Lotus Interior firm manage Residential-Commercial Architecture & Interior Designing, Decoration, Renovation projects in Delhi-Ncr, Gurgaon, Noida & all over India.


Initially we will listen to your thoughts, needs & requirements & finally we offer you advice & ideas for clarity on how best to achieve the right results.

We understand your desires & budget therefore we create a meaningful factual designs & last convert thinks, ideas & designs into real.

Floor plan is not a construction plan, Its re arrange or modifying of interior (architecture) in a house of interior in a building, According to architecture-interior method & provide best space in a house of a building, Its base of interior designs thoughts, ideas & requirement, Inshort we can say planning of budget.

Layout have many function for civil, false ceiling, wooden, electrical, plumbing, sanitation, Furniture etc., Inshort we can say scale of designs, easy to build because designs has scale & configuration never any headache to worker.

Architect/Engg/Designer are presented their ideas or designs by 4Dx Virtual or 3D View, Its modern & advance technology for valuable clients who demand actual real vision before startup any types of work such as architectural or interior.

We seek a balance between art & technology, form & function, beauty & purpose, vision & result, have helped shape in a house of residential buildings or commercial buildings, Once all the elements design, makes finalised & agreed, full project management is available under one-roof or can say ability of monitoring the residential or commercial projects in delhi, gurgaon, noida, sonipat & in india.

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